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Anybody that does any kind of high volume crawling knows about rate limiting and knows that evading those rate limiting blocks is circumvention. Having a door slammed in your face then going around to find another door indicates that you know that door was closed because of you.

Or maybe because of some bug somewhere on the way? Like congested campus wireless breaking down?

Unless you've received a notification from administrator, there is no way of telling for sure, really. Just guesswork.

And there are no physical doors on the network. So they can not be slammed in your face. All that you can observe is dropping connections, negative acknowledgements, server messages, etc.

I understand you're going for the 'plausible deniability' angle, if that is not correct then please say so. The point is that we're all intelligent enough to see the difference between that and what actually happened and that you may want to use such a thing in a defense even if you know better. I certainly do know better.

Not exactly. I just really like to see that story described from a perspective of an engineer or researcher, with technical description of what exactly was done and best guess, why some particular method was used.

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