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I don't know (probably not obligated to do anything) but I keep seeing questions here that should really be asked to an attorney or advisor you trust. So I'd like to make a suggestion to the community of programmers and entrepreneurs here young and old. If you get a job or happen to be in a position where contracts are involved ask around and find an attorney to read over your employment contract or other contract you run into. It should not take them more than an hour or two. They can usually give you a nice bullet point email or a quick phone call of what's in there and what it all means. It helps if you give them a list of your concerns upfront.

Now you have a relationship with an attorney and have developed some kind of trust with them. That's awesome! (Keep sending them your employment contracts when you change jobs! There are some crazy things in there!)

So you find yourself out on your own and need advice on something really important like if you have to sell your shares of a business you started to your co-founder so they can raise another round. Who are you going to ask? Your trusted attorney who hopefully reviewed your original contract with said co-founder!

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