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Patents cost a lot more than $195 to file. Even the filing fees are more than that -- you're just quoting the Provisional Patent cost, which doesn't actually result in a patent issue. The actual cost of filing and successfully getting a patent to grant is in the tens of thousands of dollars, and possibly more depending on the art and office actions.

So, the cost comparison here doesn't hold. Perhaps it would be more accurate to say that successfully defending a patent against a patent troll intent on taking the case to court costs at least ten times as much, and possibly up to a hundred times as much as the cost of getting the patent granted in the first place.

But I'd eliminate the $195 wording as that's a straw man argument that can easily be refuted.

Actually it looks like he's quoting the basic filing fee (provisionals are less), without including the search and exam fees. But yeah, it's a total straw man and just costs him credibility.

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