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Forgive me, I'm not an economist or anything, but doesn't this raise a question of shell company regulation? It shouldn't be possible to use a legal structure like that.

It most certainly does raise the question.

Here's an article and HN discussion for Intellectual Ventures being linked to over 2000 shell companies: http://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=4946445

That there exists a legal structure for some group of people to avoid responsibility is quite baffling to me.

Things like Limited Liability means that someone could potentially do something harmful, and yet not be "personally" responsible for the consequence - and yet, reap the rewards should they succeed, means that the cost is externalized to society at large. This should be fixed (how, i have no idea tho...).

The responsible party is fully liable, if you can prove they are using the entity as a sham you can pierce the veil.

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