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What freelancers’ directories do you use?
5 points by a12b 1791 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 3 comments
I am asking that question, because next month I plan to work as a Ruby on Rails freelancer. I am intresting by both feedbacks from freelancers and recruiters. It would be great to exclude sites with reverse auctions systems from the discussion.

Looks like there is no nice freelancers directory.

I found some, but not exactly what I was expecting. So, I am going to start building my own. I will post updates if some people are interested.

Do you want to work

- time and material? contact agencies that specialize in freelance/contracting

- Well defined projects ? find requests for tender in freelance market places / contact potential customers directly

Thats what I do in Europe ...

I'd like to know some of those as well...

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