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Your word choices are offputting and, honestly, seem borderline misogynist.

Young women do not "wield sickening power over men." Some number of them may get propositioned by strangers a good deal (though, I would suggest, less than you seem to believe). That's not the same thing.

And, in any case, "not getting as many propositions from strangers" does not equate to "becoming invisible to men."

And, finally, your argument, such as it is, seems to be based on the belief that younger women derive most of their romantic partners from that mass of unsolicited propositions by strangers. This isn't particularly true, and it kind of staggers me that you seem to imagine otherwise.

If women 28+ are more interested in online dating, it seems very likely that this is principally because of a decrease in the number of qualified potential mates in their extended social circle, rather than the decrease in the number of unsolicited propositions by strangers.

Before I address anything you said, I'm curious.. Are you a woman? Or are you a Nice Guy?

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