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I've actually have been working on a site that does this exact same thing for the past few months. I could definitely use some help from developers - feel free to drop me a line if anyone wants to talk.

I personally feel that calculator software should be open source and easy to modify, it not only allows people to learn the background processes by inspecting the code, but it has numerous other educational benefits.

Are you planning on making it modular? If you made it something similar to what DuckDuckGo (http://duckduckhack.com/) does that would be very interesting. I would also contribute if that was the case.

I'm also thinking of something similar as a potential part of my 'tiny-chunks-of-reference-info' project. That is, some of the chunks would be parameterizable with active computation.

There might be a bunch usable from the desktop 'Qalculate!' for formula/units interpretation:


(Converting 'Qalculate!' into an all-Javascript, single-web-page application might be an interesting project, too...)

I've also been working on something similar. I will get in touch.

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