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Women on OKCupid tend to rate men disproportionately low. There is an OKCupid blog post showing the distribution of the ratings they give men, and they are strongly skewed towards the lower end of the scale. This is one of the many reasons I don't use online dating sites.

Since the algorithm is based on percentiles, if all women uniformly rate men lower than men rate women, how would it have any effect?

There's less dynamic range between ratings when they're all in the low end of the scale?

Ok, that's true, and could potentially have the side effect that matches presented to women are more random (more noise in the data).

Even then, it seems like the effect would be kinda weak, no? And no individual guy loses out, except possibly to someone who was just about as attractive as him anyway (and he's equally as likely to gain).

Yep. Here it is. As a guy who's by most empirical measures not in the top 50% of attractiveness in the first place, this makes me depressed about human nature.


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