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True, but if you're independently wealthy, as he was, how much of an issue would that be?

If he had a start-up idea, would it stop his funding?>

I don't think anyone in the know would think less of him for it. I'm sure things were rough for Robert T. Morris when he received his conviction--though he didn't serve time and it's not clear whether his conviction was a felony--but he seemed to recover a decent career from it.

Similarly, Kevin Mitnick did five years, and as far as I'm aware is able to earn a living. I'm guessing his crimes were a felony, but wikipedia doesn't say.

Five years is almost certainly a felony.

In most US states, 11 months and 29 days is the limit for misdemeanor crimes; hence the term 11/29 (anything more is typically felony).

He's no longer independently wealthy. The infinite resources of the DoJ bled him dry in very short order, as they do to nearly every single federal defendant.

That has been asserted, but no evidence has been supplied.

Lawyers are very expensive, especially good ones. The man might have had a couple million in the bank, tops. Considering the 2 years since indictment and the trial hadn't even started yet, that's a lot of legal time on the books.

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