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why not just develop a site that lets your friends (your real friends) pick your perspective blind date?

Crowdsourcing dating. It's an interesting idea, but I'm not convinced it would work. The prospective date would have to be a friend of all the friends 'voting'- if you have that many friends in common you probably already know each other. Or even if you don't, your social circles are close enough that a bad date could be socially awkward.

I can imagine a large percentage of first uses being friends intentionally trying to send their friends on horrible dates as a gag. Having a 2-sided suggestion may work well, where you can suggest a date, D, for one of your trusted friends, F. Any of D's trustees can see D's suggestions, and vote to confirm. If the vote is successful by some metric, F's trustees can perform a similar vote. If this final vote succeeds, D & F are presented with the opportunity.

You'd be surprised. In the course of 4 years at university, I somehow never once crossed paths with my roommate, despite the fact that I knew all of her friends and our school is incredibly small.

Not crowd-source, friends. As in people you know and have a beer with IRL.

People that might actually care about the outcome and aren't just looking for laughs.

Well it's crowd-sourcing using a specific crowd. And I think that a group of people getting together to judge the personality and looks of two mutual friends would be really quite socially awkward.

People do this all the time!

If someone says "A would be good with B" and the other person doesn't think B is attractive, they say "No, I don't think A would like B".

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