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Ask HN: Critique our Startup, Guchex.com
6 points by viniciusfmelo 1463 days ago | hide | past | web | 4 comments | favorite
Looking to get some critiques on our latest website we launched, Guchex.com we are a free platform intended for knowledge exchange among respected professionals.

The interface, while not bad didn't really attract me, seems too flat... almost boring i'd say. Minimalism might be fine but there is something missing...

Registration went smooth. I don't particularly like being asked to frequently to invite my friends. Specially considering that if I am registering it means I have never tried your product so I do not have anything to suggest yet, so I will not do it. If you must ask me, ask me after I tried your product for some time. Make sure I like it, other way it's just annoying.

The style of the activity feed on the profiles page seems to be broken, it goes to half of the container and it breaks http://i.imgur.com/MQblf.jpg

The front page after the first login is 90% blank, give too much a sense of emptiness that is quite sad.

You left some "debugger;" in the js files. I randomly stumbled upon one.

Overall not too bad but I think it will be quite hard to make it catch on.

Good luck.

Thank you for your feedback, we know that our design is missing something, most of users don`t feel interested on using our platform due to it. We are working on it right now. We will fix this problem on activity feed.

I would suggest those that are interested on understanding our concept better to access some of our internal pages:

Interest-Based pages:

Raspberry-Pi http://guchex.com/tag/166/raspberry-pi

Python http://guchex.com/tag/32/python

Mobile Development http://guchex.com/tag/132/mobile

Node.Js http://guchex.com/tag/5/node-js

Javascript http://guchex.com/tag/25/javascript

Emerging Technologies http://guchex.com/tag/256/emerging-technologies

User Profiles:

*Me http://guchex.com/viniciusfbm

Pushpalanka Jayawardhana (BigData Writer @ Guchex) http://guchex.com/pushpalanka

Live link: http://guchex.com

What is the difference between Guchex and Quora?

exactly my thoughts when I first saw it.

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