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I've never understood all the AG hate on this site. I can see how you could pity the guy, or dismiss him out of hand, but a lot of people on this site seem to hold genuine malice towards him. It's bizzare.

Suing Facebook because you 'came up with the idea'?

Writing a "tell all" book and trying to sell it?

Blatently violating the Google TOS, and then suing them because they wouldn't tell you what part of the TOS you violated?

That's 3 pretty big reasons.

I don't even have an opinion on AG. I'm just saying that having "the idea of Facebook", and that you were the first to have that, is retarded.

First of all, it's a really really old idea.

Second of all, the idea is irrelevant. What made Facebook succeed was the execution. That goes for most of the other online successes as well. Selling books online, or search, aren't novel ideas. Amazon and Google, too, succeeded because of execution. They all did.

>I can see how you could pity the guy, or dismiss him out of hand

I think more people would feel that way if legal action wasn't involved. Suits & lawsuits tend to leave a bad taste in people's mouths...

They're entrepreneurs here, or at least they identify with entrepreneurs. I think it makes perfect sense.

This makes no sense, actually. I incorporated my company in 1998, so if entrepreneurs always identify with other entrepreneurs, then...


All the more reason for them to hate you, backstabbing cockbite.

See now even I dislike you a little & I'm not an entrepreneur :)

What's really strange is that all this hate gets so much positive karma. Anytime I post something like these guys, I get blasted into the negative.

I'd be curious to know the general thought on how often it's appropriate to get yourself into these types of legal issues. (AG seems to have a pretty loose trigger finger when it comes to serving papers.)

He must have his fans, too. Many of his comments have high karma scores, and apparently people like this article he wrote and submitted. I can see why they might not be terribly vocal in the face of all these people willing to be negative, though.

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