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rm999 461 days ago | link | parent

I'm surprised R is on there but ggplot2 isn't. R is great for working with data, ggplot2 is great for actually visualizing that data. I believe Wickham is considering redesigning ggplot2 to use D3 to enable interactive visualizations.

hazexp 460 days ago | link

I think the point is that R can do both statistical analysis and graphing. You don't need ggplot2 to produce good plots in R, however, I do agree that ggplot2 is a very good graphics package.

Regarding ggplot2 and D3, it's already possible to draw ggplot graphics in the browser, consider looking at the following two repositories:

https://github.com/hadley/r2d3 https://github.com/gigamonkey/gg

You'd probably want to speak to Hadley for more information on his goals, regarding ggplot2 & D3. I'd certainly like to try out any combination of these tools.


elliott99 460 days ago | link

can you please show me a repository of R graphs that look half as polished/nice as graphs made in d3? I am not challenging or being confrontational I am actually curious why you think ggplot2 produces great vizes. I am new to data visualization, but I've worked in bit in R before and understand it's power to handle large data sets. Do you mean that they are great as in they are very functional for producing basic static charts like in Tableau? Or dynamic/creative vizes too?

In my line of work, clients are more concerned about "out-vizzing" the competition by creating mind-blowing "Wow!" vizes. Doesn't this rule ggplot2 out for the most part?


ihodes 460 days ago | link

ggplot & R aren't really for "out-vizzing" anyone.

While d3 is a great tool for analysis as well, it's more for presentation than exploration, I think.

R and ggplot2 are for exploration & analysis, with the added benefit that ggplot2 makes wonderful plots fit for publication. They're quite beautiful, and well done, but not creating interactive, shiny visualizations.

They all have their place in the ecosystem.


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