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Interesting in that it shows how geometry can related to mathematics, but very laborious when applied to larger numbers. Amounts to adding up the contents of each place in the numeric result one-by-one. The work involved is the sum of the output digits.

> how geometry can related to mathematics

Geometry is part of mathematics!

More generally, it's sad to see this attitude all over the place, as if geometry and drawing were somehow "less mathematical" than writing and symbols. Both, algebra/analysis as well as geometry, have their place in mathematics, and complement each other very well.

The same holds for creativity versus stringency, by the way. A theorem has to be proved (stringency), but how did find that proof? By aternating of stringency and creativity back and forth! And why did you ask the question answered by the theorem in the first place? Creativity and real-world problems (e.g. physics or economics)!

Note that the distinction between geometry/algebra is totally unrelated to the distinction between creativity/stringency. However, more often that not media associate math only with the algebra+stringency part, glossing over the other equally important aspects. This leads to a totally distorted image of the wonderful field of mathematics.

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