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Top two are wrong… Not a good thing. It's always the same badly written snippets that get copy-pasted across websites without anyone really understanding what it does (hence the copy/paste).

> alias servethis="python -c 'import SimpleHTTPServer; SimpleHTTPServer.test()'"

    python -m SimpleHTTPServer # python 3
    python -m http.server # Python 3

> extract () { /* useless stuff */ }

   tar xf

We only launched this morning so they're all very new. We do have a voting feature on the full page view so we're hoping the poorer aliases sink over time. We also intend to make the voting more prominent.

There are versions of tar (that I have to use) which don't autodetect the compression type. And that alias includes non-tar filetypes.

I think you mean Python 2 for the SimpleHTTPServer example.

python one works fine for me. I tried tar xf on a zip file and it didn't work?

tar xf doesn't work on zip, rar, 7z, or plain compressed files (ie log.gz instead of log.tar.gz)

Additionally I prefer "verb noun" form over "program noun", so I like extract. I already alias open=xdg-open (so I can type "open somefile.pdf" or "open somefile.doc", etc)

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