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Ask HN: Do you have documents which help clean up when you're dead?
8 points by sirwitti 1829 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 4 comments
On December 23rd the girlfriend of a friend died at 25 in a car accident and last week Aaron Swartz died which got me thinking about what happened if I died today.

Actually it would be a huge mess I fear. So i took an hour and put together some of the (to me) important information about accounts I have on websites (like Facebook, Twitter,..), about my cellphone and so on.

Did you plan for such a scenario? Do you have such documents? And how do you manage and let your family know about it.

This is also a matter of security and trust. You're giving someone a lot of power over your life...

This summer I went to Afghanistan to work for the Swedish Army, the work involved quite some risk. The weeks before I left I took the time to write such documents.

These documents includes everything from how I wanted my funeral to be, ie cremation or not, what songs, where (I live long away from the place I grow up) I want to have my grave, if I want to donate organs etc, but also information about my online life and password to different accounts.

Luckily I did not get hurt and are now home working with my startup, but I've keept the documents stored on a place where my girlfriend knows where they are (but I would see If she peeked), since I could get hit by a car when I walk over the street or whatever.

I'm sure my relatives would benefit from the docs if I suddenly go away.

A friend of me had such a document. Both his grandfather and father died from a hart attach so he may have been more prepared then most for a young death.

When the family opened his safe (!) there was an envelope with documents describing several online accounts and a letter of attorney.

The gay had quite the active social life on the net. The family received about 100-150 phone calls from people, that for them was totally strangers, the first couple of days. Most was basically wondering about what was happening. Updating his social media status helped a lot.

I always think about this. In fact, I have seriously considered making this document for my wife since I don't think even she knows everything.

JOOI, why do you care what happens to your Facebook and Twitter accounts after you die?

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