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I'm not sure why RECAP (https://www.recapthelaw.org/why-it-matters/) is not mentioned more prominently in TFA.

"What does RECAP do? RECAP is an extension (or “add on”) for the Firefox web browser that improves the PACER experience while helping PACER users build a free and open repository of public court records. RECAP users automatically donate the documents they purchase from PACER into a public repository hosted by the Internet Archive. And RECAP saves users money by alerting them when a document they are searching for is already available from this repository. RECAP also makes other enhancements to the PACER experience, including more user-friendly file names."

Well, to state the obvious, it's because recap is a system that is competition to the author's plainsite project. Petty squabbling much like the article itself.

Actually, PlainSite depends upon RECAP, and I think it's a great product, which is why I mentioned the Princeton team. The essay was about PACER's pricing scheme, not about RECAP, but I fully encourage everyone to use it.


Not only that, but I've pledged $5,000 to anyone who can extend RECAP to Chrome:


Fair enough, seems I rushed to a conclusion.

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