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Bitcoin online gambling: Tossing a coin
2 points by agilenature on Jan 14, 2013 | hide | past | web | favorite | 8 comments
my friend and I are building an online gambling site for bitcoins. This is our first toy iteration http://www.mangofuzz.com. What do you think? We are deciding what would be the next casino game to implement.

Flagging as spam. Registered for a new account five days ago and posted a link to a casino. "my friend and I are building..." - maybe so but if it smells like spam, it usually is. Google doesn't even have it in its index which I also find suspicious.

Would you take my word if I say it is not spam?

Of course not. You have no history here and you registered under a pseudonym. You have no information in your profile page. You've done nothing to show you are not a spammer at this point.

I am sad to hear that. I thought it was the right place to discuss about entrepreneurial ideas. I was wrong. I am sorry to annoy you like that. Feel free to do whatever to do you feel it is right. I will bring my discussions to other place. And many thanks to the gentlemen that gave me valuable feedback. Much appreciated.

A very similar service already exists on the deepweb, I'm not sure of it's success though, have only seen it while passing by.

Yeah, I just saw it, it is offline

Super curious to hear about the legality of something like this, have you looked into it?

As long as it is not about using real money it is not a problem.

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