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This kind of post pisses me off because of how obvious it that you're talking out of your ass.

Aaron was depressed for a considerably long time, as pointed out by his lawyer. His previous coworkers had sent the police to his house six years ago after a suicide scare[1].

I don't understand how you've come to the conclusion that he's a martyr for his cause because he killed himself. I understand emotions are fresh in everyone's mind, but it's bizarre that he's being portrayed as an 'American Hero'. I suppose after things have calmed down, then we'll finally be able to have a rational discussion about all this instead of an emotionally-charged one.

[1]http://www.aaronsw.com/weblog/dying (Note: He edited the name to Alex from Aaron after the event).

What about the post today where it was revealed that the US Attorney chided Aaron on the day of his death? In the memorandum, it stated that they were ready to take his laptop and peripheral devices.

She said "The e-mail that Defendant Swartz's supplemental memorandum (pdf) cites as paramount to his fifth motion to suppress [evidence against him] is relevant, but not nearly as important as he tries to make it out to be".

If the US gov't bullied Aaron to death, I doubt it was because of that statement. Surely, harsher words have been spoken to defendants.

I don't even understand how that thread reached the front-page of HN considering how devoid of substance it is.

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