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OWS was an overwhelming success, it got the country talking and many of their ideas were implemented, like increasing taxes on the top 1%.

Aarons death can also be a catalyst for change and I think a cause OWS would be interested in supporting as well.

Really? Taxes on the rich were just a small part of their many, many ideals. In terms of creating real political force, the Tea Party has done far far more.

I'm not saying OWS was useless...I agree with you that the amount of conversation and awareness they raised was far more than I would've suspected walking by their Zucotti Park encampment everyday...they had a decent amount of success despite their wide diversity of goals, and that's admirable. But to the parent commenter's point, their unfocused aims limit their success. The Tea Party, in contrast, is an actual force in Congress.

Lots of political movements have created real political force, but there are many historical examples of real political forces which were not constructive.

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