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People who voluntarily affiliated with the Nazis suffered a permanent black mark on their reputations, even when they were not aware of what was going on at the time. Those who, after the extent of their evil actions were known, continued to choose to be affiliated with them, were considered exceptionally vile.

That's revisionist history. Those people who voluntarily affiliated with Nazis were generally forgiven unless they benefited from the affiliation in ways beyond mere survival. The Nazis had a nasty tendecy to kill those who opposed them, so "affiliating" and even "accomodating" with Nazis was a valid survival technique so long as affiliation or accomodation did not turn into mutual cooperation. Many people in the French Resistance were officially "affiliated" with the Nazis in some way; this is part of what made them so effective. The same is true of those who helped Jews flee from Nazi-controlled areas.

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