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Academics should already be doing this as a matter of course. If they'd like to actually show tribute to Aaron, they should:

1. Find seminal and survey papers from their fields that are unavailable on Google/Citeseer/etc, whose authors are dead/moved on/unfazed by the Internet/etc.

2. Download digital versions of these papers through their institutional access, or scan in paper copies if necessary.

3. Post them on their personal website with appropriate titling (especially important for papers that have been through scanning) such that they will show up in search engines.

I've been doing this on and off, and encouraging some colleagues to do so as well. You can't mass-upload a ton of articles without attracting unwanted attention, but you can throw up a few interesting articles in unsecured directories. People do it accidentally all the time (Google Scholar finds lots of stuff from course wikis and accidentally open directory listings and such), so you could do it "accidentally" as well.

It's also a minor way to have some influence on what gets read and cited. A lot of academics have a favorite classic paper they feel is unjustly underappreciated in their field. Why not put it online? Getting the paper into Citeseer and Google Scholar, where someone might stumble across it, is a small way to help promote underappreciated work. An underappreciated paper nobody can find is going to stay underappreciated!

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