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Guys, you in US really need new kind of anti-establisment movement, because you are fighting against Goliat here. MIT and others ARE part of establishment and if establishment decide to take control over internet, they will do it. Wait, they ARE DOING it right now and as you can see people are getting killed just because someone said "i want you to click and pay". Damn, if someone said to me few decades ago that internet will be this way, i would not belive it. Personally i call last 10 years: era of Internet colonisation. Sorry on bad English.

To be fair, people aren't being killed, one guy in particular killed himself. While a tragedy, don't turn it into something it isn't.

Interesting point. What is essentially a two party system doesn't really allow smaller groups to participate in high level political discourse.

SOPA much?

As a non-American I only have a passing understanding of SOPA - although I do know that it's scope would affect me here in New Zealand.

SOPA is an example of a law with bi-partisan support that was blocked after technologists outside of the two-party system rallied to block it. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Protests_against_SOPA_and_PIPA

Ah, your comment was refuting my statement (US has a 2 party system that excludes views of small groups). Thanks, great example.

Only stopped due to Wikipedia, Google, and other large corporations throwing their weight behind it for self-interested reasons.

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