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HN Frontpage yesterday - every link about Aaron Swartz (imgur.com)
13 points by flixic on Jan 13, 2013 | hide | past | favorite | 3 comments

This unfortunately shows a certain weakness of the HN approach to covering news to me:

While it is completely understandable that the community mourns the death of someone it values greatly, this event has completely drowned out any other news. The (understandable) upvoting of anything related to Aaron Swartz made it nigh impossible to discover any other "hacker news" here for a day or more (it's slowly trailing of and other stories begin to appear again). Similarly the ensuing discussion is spread over a multitude of threads.

Slashdot's approach of covering news seems more resistant to a single event blacking out anything else: There is one story with a number of links and a unified discussion.

Last time I saw something like this was when Steve Jobs died: http://hhn.domador.net/2011/10/05/23/

Yep, and just as annoying. Hundreds of posts with the same arguments happening over and over.

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