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Erm, this sounded more to me like: people who are frustrated he was persecuted, come here to figure out how to take action on his beliefs which we share. Bad wording to be sure but the spirit was healthy.

"...beliefs which we share."

When I look at the most ubiquitous photo of Mr. Schwartz ( this one: http://memex.naughtons.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/Aaron_... ), and I see that smile...

I sincerely do feel that "sharing beliefs" is an understatement.

I know that smile. That is my smile. I make it often. And perhaps many others do too. It's when I know I have no other business being exactly where I am except for the fact that I'm right.

I did not know him personally, yet I benefited personally from his mind, such that many of my projects were successful because I started mouthing off ideas that depended on RSS.

What if you collaborated with Newton? Spinoza? Even that fat bastard Leibniz? Huygens? Popper? Russell? Whitehead? What if you slogged through those theorems, or those symbols, or those programs? Did you simply "share beliefs"? What about those times, for brevity, you had to assume, at least in some partial, pseudometaphysical way, assume the identity of that author, and speak as if you were them, for clarity, gusto and confidence?

I cannot fully fathom these feelings, but even that "they took our kin from us" is an understatement.

We are building something here. An Architect of the Web was given no light to see, given no capacity to imagine his work come to fruition. There's more than belief sharing going on. "Sharing is caring" but that doesn't quite get at the right picture.


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