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How ironic that this did not happen when it could have made a difference.

I was about to post something along the lines of, "And to all those people about to post something about how useless this is, STFU." It's not useless, and it will make a difference. Aaron's memory is important, and acknowledging the gross injustice that lead to his death is important. A protest will send a clear signal that we are aware of the governments tendency to overreach, and that we, the people, will stand for it.


He is not saying that it is useless.

He is just saying that it would have probably been far more useful to do it while he was still alive, which is sadly true.

Being said, I agree that's it's a nice move.

Yeah, that is what I was trying to say. Nice gesture, sure. At the same time, I can't help but feel that it is a bit reactionary. As if it was only Aaron's suicide that made people realize that it was a gross injustice and had he not killed himself, no one would have cared.

In fairness, a lot of fairly important details did not surface until today. It was an active case, after all. It is true that a lot of the will to act has come from the catalyst of Aaron's death, but the facts were not as clearly available before (IMO).

Edit : I should add that I believe there would have been a meaningful backlash had he for some reason lost his criminal case and been sentenced to (n > 3) years in federal prison.

In hindsight, there was a great deal of empathy to be shown to an individual who was being financially and emotionally drained by the legal system. However, that's the sort of stuff that doesn't readily occur to most people (myself included).

Presumably the protest is intended to help ensure that his death does make a difference.

By difference I of course mean Aaron not having killed himself.

And I mean that it's not ironic to try to make the best of a bad situation.

One thing I wish Aaron had done while he was alive was be as diligent as rallying support for himself as he did for the anti-SOPA efforts. For civic-minded people, it's almost always easier to drum up support for a cause than for yourself...still...had he been relentless -- he could've posted bimonthly updates on the case and made the top of HN, Reddit, BoingBoing, etc -- all of us would've had his case near the top of our minds. As it is, I can't be the only one who hadn't thought about JSTOR in awhile, and had assumed that his defense (given his skills and his alliances) was going as well as it possibly could.

A Redditor started the campaign to raise $700K for the bullied bus driver. How easily that could've been raised for Aaron http://www.columbiatribune.com/wire/bullied-bus-driver-fund-...

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