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Damn the mess that's our current society
1 point by aangjie 1650 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite
Damn it... aaron kid... so the US government thinks it can file a case against you and make an example out of you by sentencing you to 35 years in prison.. so what?? you either were committed enough to think that your point of academic papers should be free was good enough to do an aang san su kyi to hte US govt. or even otherwise..( i find the idea of spending 35 years in prison sick for any particular cause, ), you could just go exile.. damn it, i don't know how one can pull that off in our current world and i damn well don't know thow the federal government works, but i would have fonud every way i can helpp... hell, i can get a job later(though probably am better off keeping it and helping out financially...)... i'll have quit and come down trying to get you out of the country, if i had any idea, you were this depressed.... Damn it, i would have launched a campaign to finance the same if your accounts were frozen.. ..hell , i would have gotten in touch with all(admittedly few) my friends and ask them to do what they can and if it weren't enough, will be happy to have gone to the dark web(torred net) to do the same.... Hell, i didn't before today you were this brilliant...i.e founder of reddit and migrating the code base from lisp to python... I had come across your blog in my past research interests and was reading it rather regularly for some time.....then i unsubscribed.. .i am sorry i did.. after that i came across you being arrested for downloading papers and thought damn... i hope he's okay.. but forgot about it.. ..,... Damn it.. i should have written out in support ....tried to start a movement(am no good at it, but still).....i remember agreeing with the principle of that act, but not daring to act against it.. .... Damn it wake up aang.. it's time to act for what you believe in and hang the consequences...

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