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Is Rails 1.X vulnerable at all? Tried running the snippet on a Rails 1.X app without any patches, and I got the id as a string, not an object. Why? The Rails guys seemingly implied 1.X is also vulnerable just that they don't give a damn about investigating what would fix it because it's too damn old.

Per pixeltrix's comment it appears that you're safe.

  "If you mean that your Ruby on Rails version is 1.2.6 then, no the vulnerability does not affect you as the feature was introduced in Ruby on Rails 2.0"
source: http://weblog.rubyonrails.org/2013/1/8/Rails-3-2-11-3-1-10-3...

Using the above curl command I was able to verify that an old rails 1.2.3 app that I pretend-maintain for a friend returned the ID as a string. Since it is a string and not an object, it's safe. That's all I know. From what I gather/conjecture, rails 1.x didn't have the functionality that caused this vulnerability in the first place.

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