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I wonder if the two groups are

1. the ones who discovered the "Slow" setting in preferences, and

2. the ones who didn't.

When the transition is set to Fast, I find it very jarring. When it's set to slow, I barely notice it.

It probably doesn't help that it has bugs. Sometimes my netbook will go through a horrifically jarring transition full of banding and a very obvious change in tone, it seems like sometimes flux gets a little stuck and then rapidly catches up.

Flux on my MBP is if anything even less predictable.

I also found when moving to my netbook to my MBP that I had to make very big changes to how much flux could change the colours - I have no idea what makes my previous settings so annoying on this computer, there's too many diferences between them to be sure.

On my MBP I completely ignore their recommended settings for lighting type. I picked the tone by adjusting the settings until it didn't feel like the light from my screen was physically attacking my eyes, which required a surprisingly small change in colour.

I don't think it's the slow setting. I tried it for a few months, and I did use the slow setting, but just found the washed out colors annoying. Regardless of the lighting in the room. I even tried forcing myself to keep it on for a couple of weeks straight, figuring I'd get used to it. No dice. It was usable enough, I just missed the colors and didn't really notice any difference as far as eyestrain.

So you're proposing that everyone should like it?

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