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Summary of feature requests so far: - default to a slower transition - support dimming too - Add an API - Sunset is fine, except in the winter

Most of these are on our list but it is all good feedback!

First, thanks for creating f.lux.

A feature request: some way for me to get rid of the f.lux menu-bar icon without quitting f.lux.

(I am willing to switch to an app or a preference pane to interact with f.lux.)

An Android version, please. The clones available all suck. It annoys me that I could run flux on an iPhone, but not my Galaxy Nexus. :/

F.lux doesn't seem to support my multi-monitor configuration.

I have three monitors, one at the bottom and two above it side by side (top ones are primarily used) and F.lux only works on the main monitor. :(

I'd also request testing on multi-monitor setups. When plugging my MBP into an external display, sometimes flux transitions to the external monitor, sometimes it doesn't.

I have a color profiled MBP and also see unreliable transitions now and again. Opening System Preferences > Displays > Color and flipping two profiles back and forth fixes it.

Yeah, if i can adjust it so it gets dark by 10pm rather than sunset, that would be pretty awesome.

Just adjust your location so that you are 4 time-zones behind.

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