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An Algorithm for Compressing Space and Time (2006) (drdobbs.com)
76 points by xSwag on Jan 10, 2013 | hide | past | web | favorite | 5 comments

Such a great article! I always wondered how Hashlife worked but assumed the algorithm was fiendishly complicated - but it isn't.

I am inspired to go write a life simulator now!

I love this example, write up and explanation. But someone please help them develop a better website.

It would be nice if clicking a link to one of the figures didn't redirect to the drdobbs.com home page.

I'm the editor of Dr. Dobb's. Sorry about the difficulty you've encountered. Are you using the Dr. Dobb's app or straight browser access? If the latter, what browser? We'll try to get this fixed. TIA.

I'm not sure if the link was changed here on HN, but the first time I visited the article it was a single page, there were no images visible, and references to 'Figure n' were hyperlinks that would end up at drdobbs.com after a redirect. Now, the figures are visible inline as one would expect.

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