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> Which physicists?

Well, Cramer (the one I cited) for one. David Mermin. Cerf and Adami. Roland Omnes. John Preskill. How many do you want?

> I gave a talk last week on decoherence

To what audience?

The audience of my talk was mixed math, physics and chemistry with a shared interest in quantum control.

As for the physicists you cite, the ones I recognize seem to work on either quantum information or foundations of QM. Decoherence is far more accepted in these fields than in the rest of physics.

Yeah, well, those are the people I would consider the authorities, wouldn't you?

BTW, collapse is easily debunked: take a two-slit experiment a put a detector at one slit. Interference is destroyed for all photons despite the "fact" that only half the photons "actually" interact with the detector. Collapse cannot account for this. (I put "fact" and "actually" in scare quotes because in true fact all the photons interact with the detector, but not according to the collapse theory.)

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