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Doom3 Gangnam Style in WebGL (playcanvas.com)
230 points by robhawkes 1839 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 42 comments

Not only a great idea but also free load testing for the playcanvas.com guys. Their appserver appears to have melted: the CTO's hands are currently a blur on his keyboard!

We've spun up a new, higher capacity server. Enjoy!!! :)

Impressive animation - where did you the mocap data from, or all animated by hand?

Mixamo.com has a good free Gangnam mo-cap you can apply to any uploaded model. It's actually a pretty interesting service, you can just upload a 3D model and their software will auto-rig it for you, and you can pick any animation to apply to the rig (This dance is one of them). Seems it'd be a great service for indie game devs -- not one myself, but looks fascinating.

Clickable: http://www.mixamo.com/editor/new/1643

Second the vote for Mixamo... awesome service, makes creating animation loops really fun and easy.

We're reworking the animation system in Three.js, so soon you'll be able to make your animations in Mixamo, and deliver them on the web. You can do it yourself with Three.js, or with our help using http://studio.verold.com (though, if you're going to do another Gangnam style, please use a better remix - like https://soundcloud.com/stirling-inch/pretty-gangnam-fly-stir...)

Thanks guys... Mixamo looks pretty good, bookmarked for future use.

Probably a live capture.

Yep, working smoothly for me now. Nice work on the speedy redeployment, guys. Puppet FTW!

Seems much better now.

Works smooth for me.

aaaaaaaaaaaand back melted

And suddenly the true purpose of WebGL became clear..

This is pretty awesome, would be better if it was in sync with the music though? It gets out after a bit.

You may be on to something. In the future more artists may choose to make music videos like this or Ro.Me if it's cost-effective enough. Artists have always embedded CGI stuff into their music videos, anyway.

Ah, I came to make a comment about needing 'in WebGL' adding to the title, and I see it is already there!

Little comment: If like me you try to click on anything in chrome, you will get a message about the page wanting to disable your mouse cursor. I thought that sounded dodgy, but agree. It just means let the app take control of the cursor, so you can use it for changing viewpoint.

Additionally you can use WASD.

Bug report for the author:

This demo tries to capture your mouse cursor, so that you can use the mouse to look around the world. But it's malfunctioning (on Chrome, Win 7 x64).

Synopsis: the first time it loaded, I clicked on the canvas. That popped up a banner at the top of my browser window which said something like "so-and-so website would like to take over your mouse cursor. Allow or deny?" So I tried to click on the allow button, but wound up accidentally clicking a bookmark, which of course navigated me away. So I hit the back button, which reloaded the demo. But now it's not trying to capture my mouse anymore, regardless of what I do.

Just writing that up on the off-chance it's helpful to the author. The itself bug doesn't matter much, though.

Author: fantastic work, fantastic execution.

could be your chrome settings... I allowed mouse capture permanently, and whenever I hit escape and click the canvas again, it retakes my cursor.

You can Walk around with WASD.

I was ready to declare the whole Gangnam Style thing dead-and-buried, but this still made me chuckle. Very nice work!

Very interesting, and very well done.

I also cannot adequately express my thanks for putting a mute button on there.

It was more for my benefit while I was developing it. ;)


I noticed that Entropia Universe added a gangnam style dance to their in-game emotes last year. And it's been advertised all Winter on UK TV for some console dance game.

I wonder if this is one of the most motion-captured/implemented dance moves/sequences ever? :-)

Works on Android for me which is even more impressive.

What browser are you using? It doesn't work on Chrome on my Nexus 4.

How do you shoot? I want to blow these guys up. Hysterical.

You realize that you just have to provide a chain gun now, right?

Very nice! (Is there a way to rotate rather than just strafe-move?)

Now if there were a game that reproduced the scenes and people (including Psy) in the actual video -- and let you blow them all to pieces, stopping the music each time a scene is cleared -- that might get another billion plays!

> (Is there a way to rotate rather than just strafe-move?)

In chrome i had to explicitly allow canvas to take control of the mouse, then you have full mouse-look.

edit: more info below

Very creative and entertaining. I can't stop watching the middle monster.

Something I didn't realize at first was the ability to use the movement keys - seeing different angles is pretty cool. As another comment mentioned, the sync could definitely be tighter, but otherwise well done.

Last august there was this other WebGL animation with Doom 3 characters : http://alteredqualia.com/three/examples/webgl_animation_skin...

That is just wrong on every level. Utterly brilliant but wrong.

This is just great. Enjoyed it - posted it on fb and ready to watch it again - then the server is apparently overloading. Wonder what the traffic is like.

Here is the CPU: https://twitter.com/daredevildave/status/289029688943321089/...

Turns out a m1.small is much better than an t1.micro :-)

Now running on a larger instance.

Cloud win! (for the moment...)

that's a silly, yet creative, take on using WebGL - bravo

This is neat! Had to show it to a couple of other people around me, sucks to explain who the characters are though to non-gamers :).

Well dang, crashed my firefox after loading about 1/3 :-\

Chrome is fine, but firefox is where I keep a bazillion pages open

Warning: May freeze your browser.

Shadows are kinda blocky. And some weapons would be nice.

Ah, technology.

That's amazing.

gangnam style overdose

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