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lgleason 466 days ago | link | parent

I thought some come of the core committers had their work sponsored by their employers.

steveklabnik 466 days ago | link

Aaron is the only person on core who is paid to work on Rails. (Among other things.)

I am a committer, and part of my job is to work on open source. Ish.

Other than that, it's everyone else's spare time, IIRC.


lgleason 466 days ago | link

Wow, that actually gives me more confidence because we have people doing it because they feel passionate about it. Thanks for your hard work....

I've been busy with some other small OS projects (and stuff that pays the bills) but personally feel like I need to try to carve out some time this year to do something to contribute back to Rails.....


steveklabnik 466 days ago | link


If I can help you help us somehow, please let me know.


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