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I agree, this is a dangerous sentiment.

Whether money is involved or not, for a framework, developers should either be committed to their products or not.

If this was a different sort of product then that limitation of not getting paid might carry some weight, but when you encourage people to develop on top of your platform and when it is shown to have egregious flaws there is no excuse. You either get to work fixing them or you tell the world to stop using your framework because it's broken and not going to be fixed.

Fortunately, the Rails devs are seriously committed to their product, which is why these fixes came out so quickly.

Edit: The Rails team is certainly deserving of many thanks, but they don't get a pass on problems just 'cause they work for free. Similarly, if someone gives me a free car I will thank them, but if that car starts a fire in the garage and burns down my house I will curse them too.

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