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New wing invented in Belarus. Look for the pictures. (mil.by)
34 points by natalia on Mar 4, 2009 | hide | past | web | favorite | 32 comments

We used to make paper planes a bit like that. Paper tubes, actually: http://www.10paperairplanes.com/how-to-make-paper-airplanes/...

You beat me to it. That was my favorite design for distance competitions with my brothers and cousins when I was a kid. When you got it right it really sailed.

I like this conceptual sketch (from the wikipedia article): http://i9.photobucket.com/albums/a94/WtMiller/scan0003-1.jpg

well, then not 'invented' but 'developed' :)

gives a new spin to the idea and hopefully will make air travel more safe and enjoyable

Sorry, Belarus cannot even claim "developed". I saw that style design on homebuilt aircraft at the 1999 EAA Oshkosh Airshow. "Commercialized" may be the only verb left to claim...

Wikipedia states that this design was originally tried in 1906. If it's better than standard wing designs, why isn't it already used in today's airplanes?

It wasn't same design exactly, the difference can be in the details, materials, etc ...

What are the engineering advantages of this kind of wing?

from the article:

1) it increases the angle at which army planes can attack (now its only 13%, but will be twice more)

2) it stands up to 2 times stronger side wind

3) reduces fuel spending

4) easier to make as the normal wings have a lot of mechanicks in them

5) less space needed to take off, also can take off on uneven surfaces

No wing-tip vortices.

C'mon RTFA for once. Gah.

That's brilliant looking, and I bet it gets rid of drag from wingtip vortices and stuff.

How cool! I hope this makes it into airliners, it'll be all Jetsons!

Google says:

Small plane looked very unusual. Silver fuselage with Zadornov protruding propeller blades, the wheels of the chassis, almost invisible in tall grass, and ... the complete absence of wings! Because neither the language is not turned to name or pen to be raised on a strange chart «pribambase», literally wrapping the fuselage, a noble word «plane». Puny «body» plane is placed in a huge, slightly flatten the top metal «down» with the bottom and the lid!

More at http://translate.google.com/translate?prev=hp&hl=en&...

Its 40-60% better for almost any type of airplane, including the big ones

I also like the reduced cross section of the plane...

Does it actually fly? It's not airborn on the pictures.

Its ready for manufactoring. The work started 15 years ago.

Is that halfway between manufacturing and refactoring?

I think it means you need to break the airplane into components by hand...

Its just a biplane with the wind tips curved up/down eh?

the article says its incorrect to put it like this

the reality is that aircraft wings are pretty well thought out by now and 'new' ideas such as this usually have significant drawbacks that are already known. usually that information is left out of the marketing hype of the 'new' concepts. the drawbacks usually include one or more of the following : heavy, active system (you don't want a airplane that won't glide when the power quits), difficult or expensive to build, and the ever popular flying-qualities-not-as-good-as-a-regular-wing-despite-overblown-claims.

reminds me of Fanwing. http://www.fanwing.com/

That's the heart of innovation.

We should definitely think different, even if we fail.

Semi-related: Burt Rutan's TED talk has a mention of early aircraft design and how many different designs there were (with slide pictures). Worth checking out.

In Soviet Russia, loop flies plane.

Oh, please. Keep these stupid cliche jokes off HN.

Oh, please, spare me your elitism. It was an especially good one.

Chiffonade, this is simply not the forum for that. It contributed nothing to the discussion and actually took away from it in some regards. This forum is for intellectual discussion, it'd be really appreciated if you respect that in the future. Thanks!

You're missing the point of HackerNews. We're here to have polite, intelligent, and constructive conversation.

This is not the place for memes, inane jokes, or anything remotely similar.

Please reserve it for reddit its ilk.

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