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Posting the gory details this early on is not a nice thing to do. It's probably best to hold off for a while until everyone has had a reasonable chance to upgrade.

At this stage with the vulnerability publicly and widely reported - demonstrating an attack vector that involves seemingly harmless code is perfectly acceptable. Not everyone understands the magic involved and it would be able to spot exploitable code.

A harmless payload can be absolutely trivially turned into a malicious payload.

I intend to share some details about this later on, but not so soon after the vulnerability is announced. There has to be a reasonable amount of time allowed for people to patch their servers.

Do you think not selling guns on an open market stops criminals from obtaining them as well?

If anybody thinks we're solving vulnerability full disclosure once and for all on an HN thread about a Rails vulnerability, that person is pretty naive.

We've now officially captured both sides of the argument and can safely move on.

If you want to get into silly analogies, compare the US to Australia. Tight firearms restrictions in AU makes it significantly harder for criminals to obtain guns.

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