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New job != new company. One could transfer internally, or find a project involving X and contribute, or in the right environment, come up with a new project entirely.

If you don't have the autonomy to learn new X's as you wish, then your job probably doesn't justify aversion to looking elsewhere... unless it's paying you hedge-fund money.

Well you kind of implied new company when you mentioned passing the interview (yes, I know at the larger tech firms you can interview for other teams internally). Either way, I don't think changing jobs internally, starting a new project, etc. are trivial tasks either. If I'm content working on my current Java project at work, but I'm interested in learning some Python on the side, I don't think I should have to switch jobs/roles/companies/projects just to practice Python. Also, while I agree with you that it would be nice if most companies offered the autonomy to work in whatever technology you wished, that simply isn't the case, and not everyone has the freedom/motivation to change jobs easily.

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