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If you're worried about that you can always expire either when time limit is exceeded (say, 2 weeks) or download limit (downloaded 5 times?). Or you can make download times degrade when the file is downloaded more frequently -- the 100th download will go at 10kb/sec instead of 10mb/sec. There are so many creative solutions that you don't need to put any rules in place now.

Also, I think most of us (myself included) worry about abuse too much. If people start abusing your service you will have the data to deal with it effectively -- you'll think of a solution because you'll have to. And if it turns out people aren't taking advantage of a friendly download policy -- then the service ends up being more useful for honest users.

I really appreciate your insights here, you bring up some really good points. I went ahead and wired in as much data collection / monitoring as I can so through the beta I can see how the service is actually used before I get too concerned with abuse prevention.

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