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Ask HN: Why cant we comment on job postings?
5 points by samstave 1842 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 7 comments
There was some company that posted here a while ago and was looking for a CTO. They wanted to pay that CTO something like $50K.

Why cant we comment on job postings here? Some of the postings, even for YC back companies, sound utterly atrocious! We should be able to point that out to the little start-ups.

Thanks. How the position/rank is working for them?

"They wanted to pay that CTO something like $50K."

Imagine you could comment on that job posting. Wouldn't it start a war of words since you obviously are upset with the salary posted for "CTO" (not saying that I agree with the amount but thats besides the point).

Now, let's say that you argued over comments that $50K for CTO is crap . What are the odds that the posters would change the value to $150K over that?

It's to prevent comments identifying companies that do not wish to be revealed. Also, it lets the founders making the more embarrassing postings be quietly and indirectly guided rather than letting them be mocked publicly (as many used to deserve, but the postings have generally been better in the last year. The system works.)

$50k for a CTO isn't insane. The CTO is probably going to be given more equity at that stage than a programmer, and will also have more control.

I wouldn't take the job, but I imagine there are less risk averse people that would.

Because its a job posting and not a discussion thread. If you want to discuss the job posting then write a blog post, submit it here, and if people care about it you will get a discussion.

Comments on the job postings would quickly turn into lengthy discussions that would overshadow the job description.

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