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Just tried it. I like how fast this is! It's a good alternative to dropbox for a quick image upload or something. It would be nice if it auto copied just the url.

I would also like it if the file stayed hosted longer than an hour. Say I want to email the link to a friend, but the friend doesn't check their email for 3 hours. If they click the link the file will no longer be there. Having the droplink icon in the top menu bar would be great, instead of having it in the dock.

I just made some tweaks, and now, files last for 24 hours.

It does auto copy the URL, but you can only paste it into email/IM convos. At least from what I've seen.

It copies it to the clipboard, you should be able to past anywhere. Pro tip: you can drag an image right from a web page into the dock app.

Here's what I got when I went to paste the copied url from an image called storepromo.png - http://img.skitch.com/20090304-tqx32knar1rhd6gcxhwmc98qic.jp...

if you hit submit, it tries to go to <name>.<extension> - it's like copying/pasting a url from safari into iChat or Adium. It shows a clickable name, not the full URL.

The latest version just pastes URLS. It can be found here: http://droplink.me/Droplink.zip

You can use the registration code from the signup e-mail. Cheers!

For help using or installing, please check here: http://blog.droplink.me/post/83016847/installing-and-using-d...

Please update, this was just fixed.

for images, you cant compete with grabup (pro version uses my server via ftp): http://paulstamatiou.com/2008/12/21/review-grabup-automatic-...

take a screenshot, it's auto-uploaded and the URL is copied to your clipboard automatically. really changed my workflow..

ex screenshot/url: http://paulstamatiou.com/images/30cb04d03a7c2f17b82f29fe1288...

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