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Is it just me or was there no audio in the video?

I think divia's problem is that there is no documentation in the program itself. I downloaded it and unzipped it, and ran it. After entering the registration code I had no clue what to do. The program seems to just "end".

I had seen the video so I figured that I should try dragging a file onto it. I added it to my launcher and it works as it does in the video, but had I not seen the video I wouldn't have known to do that.

I suggest that after you accept the registration code you ask if the user wants it installed in the menu bar. Also I suggest telling the user that they can drag files to it to upload them. Perhaps embed the video at that point again.

Hope this helps. Jer

EDIT: I also find mac programs distributed as .zip to be annoying. I strongly prefer .dmg files. Also, why is my "Downloads" icon now the same as Droplink's?

Hi, thanks for trying it. And yes; I can see how it's not exhibiting the expected behavior. I started by adding a Growl note to the "no files dropped" case post-registration. There's also a simple help document here, which I'll start sending with registration emails:


Re DMG: Yes - a DMG is something it needs. Workin' on it. Re Downloads: Your Downloads icon is the same as Droplink's because the Droplink application is probably the last thing you downloaded. You can move it to your Applications directory, and then drag it back down to the dock.

Thanks again for testing, you guys are coming up with really good feedback :)

I actually prefer mac programs to be distributed as .zip files. Safari auto unzips it, and I just double click to try it out. If I like it, drag & drop to the /Applications folder.

But even though I prefer .zip, I don't find .dmg files annoying at all.

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