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>In a side-by-side Web page loading test with Google's Nexus 10... Tegra 4-based prototype loaded a set of Web pages nearly twice as quickly... the Tegra tablet appeared to be running the stock Android browser, however, while the Nexus 10 was running Google Chrome

Scumbag Nvidia? I would doubt that either browser makes significant use of >2 threads, leaving most of the performance difference that was not due to the 200mhz clock increase explained by the different browser.

Because Chrome for Android is in a pretty terrible state right now, and doing it on Chrome, it may have made it look even worse than iPad 4. Chrome for Android does a "good job" at making some of the most powerful chips on the market look pretty mediocre right now. I really resent Google for this right now, because they are embarrassing a lot of chips makers and device makers because of it. But whatever - they'll probably fix it in Android 5.0 (I hope).

So basically Tegra 4 shouldn't be "2x faster" than Nexus 10, but probably more like 1.5x-1.8x faster, depending on how much more they optimized the stock browser over Chrome.

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