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I think the gist of it is probably true. I can easily imagine south american officials being very happy about receiving free laptops and using them without hesitation.

What is more difficult is keeping your private army quiet, but i guess enough money could do that.

I don't think a word of it is true. For a simple reason: these are serious crimes and McAfee is probably rational enough to recognize that it is harmless for him to brag about capers he didn't pull, while if it was true there would be heaps of evidence that ultimately points at him.

Illegal where? In Belize where he is wanted for murder anyway? I think it's fair to say he is simply burning his bridges to a country he has no intention of returning to and this could be part of the reason he is not going back: " McAfee has refused to turn himself in for questioning saying he fears Belizean police would kill him."

I think he is confident the US is not going to allow his extradition although the US does have an extradition treaty with Belize.

I have several real-estate opportunities you should be interested in.

Belize is part of North America if you where referring to South America as a continent, which is why they call it the "Americas". If you're referring to South America as a division of the American Continent Belize would be part of Central America. Just being politically correct here. :)

That being said, I live in Central America and I agree with the whole of your comment. People in here are generally atrocious with technology and are in love with their bribes and free stuff. Combine everything and you have an awesome "target audience" for malware distribution. And hey, you can always keep your private armies in the multiple jungle settings from Guatemala and farther south...

(Belize is not in South America)

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