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I've always confused about UI and UX. This is def. consider UX right?

Yes, the UI is the mechanism that pops up the messaging, but the UX is the consideration of how the message will be used or misused by the user.

Ha, a terrible sentence. That's why I'm a back-end not a UX person :)

It's definitely a blurry line a lot of the time but having worked with a UX guy who was part of our design department, he definitely added a lot of value to the design process.

I think UI is a subset of UX. UI design is the choice, arrangement, and labeling of widgets on screens, whereas UX design also includes more abstract decisions such as whether to require that the user sign up before they start using your website or whether to provide permalinks to individual pieces of content or only have a link for collections. In this case, choosing labels of buttons on dialogue boxes is related to the UI, so it’s both UI design and UX design.

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