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What's with the negativity in here? This is a slide deck that was used by speakers at Google IO in 2011 to present a session about HTML5. They figured it may be useful so they shared it online so attendees and people who couldn't make it could see and play with the slides afterwards. It makes no sense to criticize these slides for not working in Firefox, Opera, on mobiles, or any other use case for which they were not developed. It's a slide deck. Be glad these guys felt like sharing their knowledge with you.

It's a set of slides about HTML5 written in HTML5. The slides not working properly on mobile devices with no fallback for non-webkit browsers show that the developers are either

a. Lazy b. Incompetent, or c. Used proprietary webkit technology,

none of which will inspire much confidence in the actual contents of slides (which I can't read anyway, since I'm on Opera Mobile)

What is proprietary webkit technology?

The ones which doesn't work in other standard-compliant browsers, like Firefox.

Any of the vast number of things that (1) WebKit implements but aren't in any standard or (2) Are in a standard but WebKit implements with a different name (sometimes in addition to the standard name).

first line of the deck clearly states, "If using Google Chrome, you will likely need the Dev channel to see all of the functionality in this presentation," which i take to mean, "if you're not using a fresh Chrome beta, this isn't going to work so well for you."

It works on my Firefox (19.0a2) almost without errors. The only one I see is not working correctly back button.

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