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I helped out with this project at Etsy and obviously our implementation intended for the back button to work as expected. Our initial rollout worked fine in most browsers but certain older versions of IE were discovered to have issues. Of course, the experiments that Dan referenced in his talk were in regards to known-good implementations that did not have issues with the back button.

Anyone who has worked on infinite scroll knows that the back button is a "interesting" technical challenge.

> the back button is a "interesting" technical challenge.

Especially when some A/B testing seem to show that it is a bad UX idea (for shopping goods).

Side thoughts: I wonder if they did A/B test "My apps" page on Google play (https://play.google.com/apps), it manages to have all the wrongs of infinite scrolling (no fixed ground, no sane back button) while not being infinite scrolling.

I'm curious how seamless that implementation was. I've seen a few hacks that load-then-scroll which is, of course, just about the worst of all worlds.

IIRC we ended up using a cookie (in non web history api browsers) so when you hit back the page would render the entire necessary result set to get you back where you were. Ie, no Ajax load to wait for. (Don't quote me on this :))

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