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My favorite habit: Write three positive things about today (zackshapiro.com)
16 points by kine on Jan 6, 2013 | hide | past | favorite | 10 comments

When I'm having an exceptionally bad week, around Wednesday or Thursday, just to get myself through the rest of the week I tell myself a couple of GOOD things that I could make happen, might happen or will happen that day. This makes the already bad week not seem so bad for the last few days.

That's awesome! You should give this habit a try, maybe you can preemptively avoid those Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Hey Zack

Great to see you are on board with 3GoodThings! I've been doing it since 18.6.12 and can attest to the MASSIVE difference its made to my headspace, experience of life and overall positivity. You might be interested in the wee community that's grown up around my daily posting on FB - https://www.facebook.com/thehappinessexperiment

Keep up the great work and inspire others through your practice.


There is a whole field of psychology called positive psychology, and this is one of its practices. I don't know how well accepted it is in the entire psychological community, but I remember hearing about it in some undergrad classes. Here is an article discussing it some more:


It seems like a useful technique but I'm wondering if it would be more beneficial to develop techniques that prevent dwelling on the past overall? Things such as mindfulness, which I've been developing recently, really, really help me.

It seems depression and stress were a defining factor in my life, a remaining constant - negative thinking was winning. Then I started practising mindfulness and I've felt more free than I ever have.

I think it's natural to think about the past, this habit is all about priming your brain for positive thinking so when you do look back, you see the positive first rather than the negative.

This is one of my app ideas that I've implemented a few times over the last few years. I've even purchased two domains towards the effort. I love hearing that others are doing it as well.

I've been depressed for some years and in most of my days and weeks there's just nothing I can consider as a good/positive thing.

I'm incredibly sorry to hear that, Weslly. Perhaps consider therapy, talking to someone can be an amazing outlet.

I was in a rut a few months ago, at some point I decided to try this out, it helped 'change' my mind.

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