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"How about all the 'XYZ' that could be contributing a lot and bettering the world via their work in software development but aren't getting a chance to do that?"

This is not a simple matter of people being actively or even passively discriminated against. This is the result of the environments, decisions, and treatment people receive from their earliest elementary school days; there is almost nothing that can be done by the time people are in college. I have watched EE and CS departments do everything imaginable to try to increase diversity, yet they have made extremely modest improvements.

Somewhere between the beginning of middle school and the end of high school, girls seem to stop being interested in math, science, and things that are relevant to engineering and CS. Somehow, my female classmates who had high scores on the AP calculus test all wound up somewhere other than engineering -- psychology, accounting, management, etc. Despite every possible opportunity being made available to women, despite departments running the gamut of things that could attract women, despite women representing a majority of students at many colleges, women continue to avoid engineering.

So don't say that women are not getting the chance to be engineers or computer scientists. Women have more chances than anyone else; they are choosing not to take advantage of those opportunities. Figure out why that is the case, and maybe you can actually do something to solve the problem.

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