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Maybe it would be worthwhile to look at female-dominated industries to see how they're handling gender diversity? According to this: http://www.minoritynurse.com/men-nursing/men-nursing the percentage of males in nursing is about 5%. According to the article, they are pushing for diversity at the recruitment level.

Nursing is also one of the few fields where gender is actually relevant to the job - think about some of the more unpleasant parts of nursing (e.g., washing people's genitals).

You mean it is easier for women to wash men's genitals than for men to wash women's genitals, and easier for men to accept women washing their genitals and easier for women to accept women washing their genitals? Or what exactly is the gender relevant aspect?

People are generally more comfortable being naked around people of the same gender (except during sexual situations, which medicine is not supposed to be). For much the same reason, my gym has segregated locker rooms.

OK, but patients should be equally frequent for both genders, so I don't see why this would evoke a gender bias for nursing?

It doesn't cause the gender bias in nursing. I'm pointing out that nursing is special. They have a very specialized reason for needing some gender parity, which applies only to a few other fields (e.g., TSA pat down).

Software isn't one of those fields, so bringing up gender parity in nursing in a discussion about the software industry is a bit of a misnomer.

Get it - that makes sense!

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